NYPD Bodycam Footage Shows Man Who Chased Landlord With Knife Yelling ‘Shoot Me’

The NYPD on Thursday released footage from body-worn cameras that showed officers shooting and killing a man they said chased his landlord with a knife late last month. 

The footage shows Michael Hansford yelling "shoot me" as officers, with gun drawn, scream back at him to drop the knife in the roadway at Prospect Avenue and 180th Street in the Bronx's Belmont neighborhood on Jan. 29.

When the man appears to walk toward one of the officers, a pitter patter of a half-dozen gun shots ring out. 

The shooting came after officers got a call about Hansford chasing his landlord with the weapon in the street.

The officers -- who had been on the force for two and three years, respectively -- shot him from about 10 feet away, according to authorities. The officers were wearing body cameras that captured the shooting, authorities said.

The landlord had what appeared to be a cut on his jacket, according to police, but he didn't appear to sustain any lasting injury.

The knife was recovered at the scene. 

The shooting remains under investigation.

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