Pit Bull Mauls Elderly New Jersey Woman Feeding Birds in Backyard

The 82-year-old woman's left arm and right leg were severely injured

Authorities say a pit bull attacked and severely injured a New Jersey woman as she fed birds in her backyard Tuesday afternoon.

Passaic police say the pit bull and another dog were in a neighboring yard when the pit bull jumped a 6-foot fence around 3 p.m. The animal then attacked the 82-year-old woman, severely injuring her left arm and right leg.

The woman managed to escape from the dog, described as a mid-sized female weighing between 80 and 90 pounds, and went inside her home. The dog then jumped back over the fence into its owner's yard.

Details on the woman's condition were not disclosed. Her grandson told reporters at the home Tuesday she was OK. 

A 12-year-old neighbor said the same dog attacked him October, and showed alleged scars from the pit bull's teeth. 

"I was playing with a friend in the street and he came out of nowhere and just bit me on the leg," said George Mendez. 

Mendez's mother said she did not report the attack to police, who are now investigating if the same pit bull was behind Mendez's mauling. 

Authorities say the dog was taken to animal shelter, where it will be quarantined to see if it was diseased.

"We're really scared," said neighbor Marta Tarnowska. "I hope it won't ever happen again." 

-- Checkey Beckford contributed to this report. 

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