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Patriots Team Plane Delivers Over 1 Million Masks to U.S. Health Care Workers

300,000 N95 masks will be delivered to the Javits Center in New York on Friday

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New York is getting a big boost in its fight against the coronavirus from New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft.

Kraft used the Patriot's team plane to bring 1.7 million N95 masks to the United States from China. 300,000 of those masks will be shared with New York's health care workers.

"Seeing what's going on and how things are so difficult, this is a gift of ours, these 300,000 masks and the transportation to the people of New York," Kraft told News 4's Bruce Beck.

Kraft partnered with Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker to bring over the masks from China. The masks designated for New York will be sent down to the Javits Center, on an 18-wheeler, and are scheduled to arrive Friday morning.

"We want to give hope and good cheer at this time, that we'll all banning together and trying to do what's right," he said.

The Patriots logo is not typically a welcome sight for New Yorkers, but these unprecedented times are bringing everyone together.

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