Michelle Kim

Medical Records of 7,000 Patients at NYC Hospital Hacked

A server containing the medical records of 7,000 patients at Bronx Lebanon Hospital has been hacked, officials say. 

Hospital officials say someone hacked a server hosted by a company called iHealth, based in Louisville, Kentucky.

The files contained private information from patients over the last three years, including surgical records, chronic illnesses and even a rape report.

Bronx resident Willette Jackson was one of the people whose medical records was accessed. She said she didn't know she was affected until she was approached by News 4. 

"They ain't tell me nothing -- I wonder why?" she said.

News 4 was able to see details of how one patient was prepped and draped for surgery. Another file showed a patient's history of chronic depression, asthma and hepatitis B.

And even more shocking -- abuse records. 

"Patient was physically abused by [redacted]. She was raped by her [redacted]," the file read. 

iHealth says the security breach has been contained and it's conducting an internal review. It said it's also "engaging a leading IT security firm to investigate the matter." 

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