Paterson's Blind Reversal?

The governor has raised some eyebrows over his portrayal of...a disabled man

Gov. David Paterson has raised some eyebrows for a skit he performed over the weekend in which he skewers a political attack ad by impersonating a man in a wheelchair.

Earlier this year, Paterson, who is legally blind, slammed Saturday Night Live for making fun of his disability, calling it “third grade humor.”

But Paterson seemed to reverse his stance when he rolled out on stage at the Legislative Correspondents’ Association show in a wheelchair, dark glasses and oversized silver necklace.

His skit was aimed at an infamous TV ad that criticized him for proposed cuts to hospitals and healthcare.   

"These are difficult economic times, Governor Paterson. I can't pay my bills. I can't put food on my table. I may lose my home. And the reason, Governor Paterson, is because of you. It's because you haven't given the state transparency!”

Paterson’s wheelchair assault also took aim at the media, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Leader Malcolm Smith.

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