Hoarder Prompts Complaints in Park Slope

Garbage piling up outside Brooklyn home.

Brooklyn residents are up in arms over the stench, rats, and sight of a heap of garbage that has been piling in front of a home.

The home is on 13th Street between Third and Fourth Avenues in Park Slope and neighbors say the homeowner has been storing garbage for years, but now that it's spilling out of the home, they want the city to do something about it.

"It's gross. We can't sit out here in the summer time, the stench is horrendous," said neighbor Christy Savas.  "The bugs are out of control, even citronella candles do not help."

The FDNY first visited the home on July 29 based on complaints from neighbors.  Captain Ed Morrissey said they issued the homeowner, who only identified himself as Nick, a summons to clean up a fire hazard.  But when NBC New York was there, the fire department visited the home and demanded that the debris be cleaned up. 

"A fireman could get killed in this building, he has to clean this up," said Captain Morrissey.  "Our main concern is the fire hazard, this main hallway is blocked and firemen will never be able to get through in an emergency."

Neighbors have placed their cats in front of their homes to help deal with a perceived rat problem. They claim that ever since Nick has moved bags and boxes at the city's request, it has sent rodents scurrying out of his home.

"Something has to get done," said Savas. "Somebody has to do something because it is not fair to the children. They can't play outside because it stinks. You do not know what you are inhaling."

The Department of Sanitation said they issued a "dirty area summons" for the debris, but because it is private property, they are not able to remove it. 

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