Online Lost-and-Found for Straphangers' Stuff

NYC subway system is helping you find what you thought you lost for good

Thought that glove was gone forever? Thanks to the MTA, your lost belongings may finally be found.

The New York City Transit system this week launched an online lost-and-found that will help straphangers recover items they left on city subways.

Riders can fill out a claim form on the MTA Web site that details missing items, and the descriptions will be run through a database of recovered items. Once the item is matched in the database, the owner will be notified via e-mail or phone.

The form asks riders to describe misplaced objects as specifically as possible - in some cases, down to the exact color, size and brand name of an item.

Riders are still required to go to the MTA's Lost and Found center at 34th Street and Eighth Avenue to pick up their recovered belongings.

More than 19,000 items were entered into the subway system's lost-and-found database last year, according to the MTA.

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