NYPD Officer Accused of Breaking Into Woman's Apartment, Punching Her Repeatedly

Officer Eugene Donnelly had been honored with a medal just hours before the alleged attack in the Bronx

An NYPD officer was arrested on burglary and assault charges Monday, accused of breaking into a Bronx woman's apartment early one morning last month and punching her repeatedly, police say.

Eugene Donnelly, 27, is suspected in the June 11 attack in which he allegedly broke down the woman's door and punched the victim, hours after receiving a prestigious award at the annual NYPD Medal Day Ceremony, according to police. The woman did not know the officer. 

Donnelly, who's been on the force for four years, had been awarded the Police Combat Cross, the department's second-highest honor, for taking down a gunman who fired at him while he was off duty in May 2012. After the ceremony, Donnelly went out to celebrate and wound up staying at a friend's apartment in the victim's building in Woodlawn, according to the Daily News,

When Donnelly woke up, he wandered out of the apartment in his underwear, the newspaper reported, citing police sources. He couldn't find his way back into the apartment, and ended up breaking into the 30-year-old woman's apartment, which was on the same floor.

Donnelly wandered into the victim's bedroom and when she was startled awake, he allegedly said to her, "Shhh. It's OK, just put a shirt on," according to the criminal complaint. 

He went into the kitchen and then ran to the foyer, grabbing the woman and throwing her to the ground, the complaint said. He hit her in the face multiple times, saying, "I'm a good guy, but sometimes I'm a bad guy."

The officer then allegedly dragged the victim to the bedroom, where he continued to punch her face and head, causing her head to the hit floor with each punch, the complaint stated. 

The woman suffered cuts, bleeding, pain, swelling and bruising, according to the complaint. 

Donnelly turned himself in on Monday, aware of the charges he faced, according to his attorney, Mike Marinaccio.  He pleaded not guilty at his arraignment and was released on his own recognizance. He is due back in court on Aug. 20. 

The officer has been suspended and stripped of his gun and badge. 

Marinaccio told NBC 4 New York his client is a "hero" with no blemishes on his police record. 

"When we have the opportunity to present all the factors in this case, it will shed a different light on these allegations," said Marinaccio. 

"This case is far more complicated than what one reads in the complaint," he said. "We're confident when all the facts come out, people will have a different view of the case."

-- Brynn Gingras contributed to this report

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