Cancer Survivor Mom Feeds Baby With Donated Breast Milk

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A New York City woman who can't nurse her three-week-old son due to a double mastectomy is getting lots of help — 25 women are pumping and donating their breast milk.

Eva van Dok Pinkley of Brooklyn tells the Daily News that she's touched by their sacrifice.

"I'm just stunned at the amount of trouble that they are going through for me. I think of them and what they have done and give thanks," she told the paper.

The actress and researcher for "House Beautiful" magazine learned she was pregnant two months after undergoing a double-mastectomy for noninvasive breast cancer.

She wanted her baby to have breast milk but couldn't figure out how.

She searched the Internet, talked to doctors, lactation consultants, friends and women in her yoga class.

Now her two freezers are brimming with small containers of milk from women all around Brooklyn.

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