Would-Be Rapist Beats Woman on Queens Street: NYPD

What to Know

  • A man attacked a 33-year-old woman as she walked down a street in Queens, police say.
  • The man grabbed her by the throat and punched her when she tried to fight him off.
  • The victim was able to escape by screaming for help. The suspect took off.

A man grabbed, punched and tried to rape a woman as she walked down a Queens street, police say.

The 33-year-old woman was walking in Corona early in the morning late last month when the man grabbed her by the throat near 42nd Avenue and Warren Street.

As the man held onto her throat, he demanded that she take him to her apartment, according to police.

The woman tried to fight the man off, but he punched her in her mouth and stomach repeatedly. He then threw her to the ground and fingered her privates, police said.

She screamed for help and the suspect took off down 42nd Avenue.

Women who live in Corona said they are concerned. One woman said she carries around a bottle of Mace when she's walking by herself in the neighborhood at night. 

"It’s very dangerous because a lot of people drink, smoke. It’s very dangerous after 10 o’clock, more people all walk around. I called the police two times — and nothing," the woman said. 

Police ask anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.

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