How Much Is That NYPD Badge in the Window?

No, we're not planning a caption contest, but the comments field below is certainly fair game.

NYPD officials are now looking into why one of their own left his badge in the front windshield of his personal vehicle.

A News 4 New York viewer sent in the image on Friday, saying he or she snapped the image with a "camera phone in front of a store on Staten Island."

"We're conducting an investigation," an NYPD spokesman confirmed Friday night.

Since there's no proof exactly where it was taken, it's hard to say whether any violation took place.

"You ever jump into your car and toss your wallet in in a hurry?" asked another NYPD spokesman. "Maybe he parked in front of his house and was in a hurry and just forgot it there.

"It's not a story unless he's parked illegally," the second spokesman said.

It's hardly a non-story, as it's difficult to deny the potential trouble such a move could have caused. We won't speculate, but we'll at least file the incident under "Bone-Headed Cop Moves."

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