New Jersey

Delays Between NY, NJ Again Due to Amtrak Wire Problems

And the train pain continues.

New Jersey Transit trains are operating on or close to schedule in and out of New York Penn Station after facing up to 20-minute delays, blaming Amtrak overhead wire problems that were related to an earlier disruption.

NJ Transit 7240 train lost power and was disabled due to Amtrak overhead power problems, and was towed into the station by 5:13 p.m., said Jim Smith, an NJ Transit spokesperson.

An estimated 600 people were on that train.

Hours earlier, New Jersey Transit alerted that trains in and out of New York Penn Station were subject to up to 30-minute delays due to a disabled Amtrak train in one of the Hudson River tunnels before resuming service again.

Amtrak train 98 from Miami to New York stalled as it was coming into the station, said Mike Tolbert, an Amtrak spokesperson.

An overhead line outside the station caused the disruption, he said.

Power was out for about an hour inside the train, but passengers were provided with snacks and water while waiting, said Tolbert.

There were no reported injuries.

Monday marked the start of a two-month overhaul of Penn Station's "Summer of Hell" infrastructure. Despite weeks of warnings, the disruptions have ended up being relatively minor and most commuters have had inconveniences kept to a minimum.

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