New Jersey

Dump Truck Rolls off Elevated Highway Ramp in NJ, Crushes Car Below

A dump truck rolled off an elevated highway ramp and plummeted onto at least one car below, possibly killing someone and leading to a miles-long traffic jam, authorities said.

The dump truck was exiting Route 440 in Woodbridge, heading to Route 9 south, when it rolled off an elevated exit ramp around 5 p.m. and fell onto one or two cars below, authorities said.

A passenger in a car may have been trapped after the dump truck fell onto their vehicle from above, according to authorities, who said someone may have been killed.

Video from Chopper 4 shows the truck on its side, the car or cars apparently crushed underneath it.

A number of emergency workers were at the scene.

Traffic was backed up about two miles on Route 440, both northbound and southbound.

The Route 440 exit ramp to Route 9 southbound was closed to traffic shortly after the crash, but vehicles were getting off at the adjacent Garden State Parkway southbound ramp.

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