New Jersey

Body of 27-Year-Old Man Found Near Ridgefield Post Office: Police

What to Know

  • The body of an unidentified 27-year-old man was found near the post office in Ridgefield, New Jersey, authorities say
  • It's unclear how the man was killed or why he was targeted, but the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office confirmed that his death is a homicide
  • Residents were shocked by the news and said that the community is normally very quiet

Crime tape and flashing lights surrounded the Ridgefield Post Office on Sunday night — hours after a body was discovered nearby.

The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office said that the body was a 27-year-old man and that he was a victim of homicide.

Police said that they won’t release any more details about the man, including his identity, until his family is identified.

A person was arrested on a manslaughter charge Monday, though authorities did not immediately release details of the arrest.

Resident Monica De La Cruz said investigators arrived around 6 a.m. She doesn’t remember hearing or seeing anything unusual the night before.

“I was surprised when I wake up to drink my coffee this morning and I saw the police across the street,” De La Cruz said.

Christian Nguuyen was also surprised to hear that a body was discovered.

“It’s disturbing, very, very disturbing,” Nguuyen said. “I hope police find out who it is and capture the perp.”

Many questions remain in the case. It’s not know how the man was killed or why he was targeted in the first place.

In the meantime, residents say they’ve never seen this kind of commotion in their community before. 

“I called my neighbor and asked, did you see anything, because he lived across the street,” De La Cruz said. “This neighborhood is very, very quiet.”

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