Times Square

Nicki Minaj Appears at NYC Park, Setting Off Fan Frenzy

The singer has released a new album and her appearance is part of a promotional giveaway for her upcoming tour

What to Know

  • Rapper Nicki Minaj made a surprise appearance at a store near Bryant Park as part of a promotional appearance Wednesday
  • The appearance set off a fan frenzy as hundreds of people mobbed the area around the midtown park
  • The Queens rapper released her latest album, "Queen," last week and has announced a tour; she's also performing at the VMAs next Monday

Nicki Minaj made a surprise appearance at a store near Bryant Park, drawing a huge crowd in midtown at the height of the evening rush Wednesday.

The rapper from Queens was taking over the Sprint store at Bryant Park to promote a ticket giveaway for her upcoming tour, according to a person familiar with the arrangement.

She tweeted a video to her 20 million followers shortly after 3 p.m. confirming she was on her way to a Sprint store, and although she doesn't specify the location, the source said it was at Bryant Park.

Fans started lining up late Wednesday afternoon, and by the time she appeared shortly after 6 p.m., hundreds were gathered. 

Last month, the mere rumor of a Minaj sighting in Times Square set off a stampede. The woman in question turned out to be YouTube star Queen Naija. 

Minaj is expected to perform at the MTA Video Music Awards at Radio City Hall Monday, marking her debut performance after the release of her album "Queen." 

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