Carry-On Sparks IED Scare at Newark Airport: TSA

A bomb squad was called to Newark-Liberty International Airport on Tuesday morning after Transportation Security Administration agents found an item in a carry-on bag that looked like an improvised explosive device, officials said. 

Agents found the item during a screening of a traveler's carry-on bag about 6:30 a.m., according to a TSA spokeswoman. Security screenings were shifted to another lane at the airport so Port Authority Police could take a second look.

When police couldn't clear the item, a bomb squad was called in; the item was later found not to be an explosive device. 

"This is a case where a traveler should have realized that the item... would look highly suspicious to TSA officers and should have not brought the item to the checkpoint," the spokeswoman said, in part. 

Airport operations were back to normal by mid-morning, and it's not clear if the traveler faces any charges. 

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