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New Yorkers Pleased to Hear Mark Ruffalo Found His Backpack, Left in Cab Tuesday

"I was just about to pour another coffee and I thought to myself “I am so glad Mark found his backpack”

New Yorkers on Twitter appeared to let out a collective e-sigh of relief Wednesday morning when actor Mark Ruffalo announced he had found his lost backpack.

Ruffalo put out a call to the "New Yorkers that I love so much" Tuesday night after he left his backpack in a cab. 

New Yorkers rushed to help Ruffalo, with the New York Taxi and Limousine Company immediately tweeting back to get more information.

Some sent tips for how to find the bag, others sent notes of encouragement on the virtue of New Yorkers and their ability to find things and one even said they were flying back to New York right away to find it for him.

"I’m just imaging a bunch of people calling the taxis companies saying like ”HAVE YOU SEEN MARK RUFFALO’S BACKPACK?!," @LetiYama tweeted.

Thankfully Ruffalo posted an update on the bag Wednesday morning: "It was found! Thank you for all of your help ��."

The good news story seemed to make many people's day. One said the finder deserved a parade. 

It's the little things, right?

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