How Not to Get ‘Tick’ed Off

Tick-related illnesses have risen for the past 8 years

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The warm weather is bringing out the adventurer in all New Yorkers. But the New York City Health Department wants all residents to take extra precautions this summer to prevent tick-related interests.

“Lyme and other tick-borne diseases are a serious summertime problem for city residents who spend time in wooded areas outside the five boroughs,” said Dr. Thomas Farley, New York City Health Commissioner.

The recommendation from the Department of Health comes after the total cases of Lyme diseases rose from last year. The number of cases has risen steadily over the last eight years, from 228 in 2001 to 643 last year. 

Most tick-borne infections reported in New York City are acquired outside of the city limits. The one exception is Rocky Mountain spotted fever that can be transmitted in NYC.

Farley also stressed, “New Yorkers should protect themselves by wearing long sleeves and socks and using an insect repellent containing DEET. They should also check for ticks on their body and clothing immediately after being in wooded or grassy areas.”

The city is also issued a medical advisory directing physicians to watch for tick-borne illness.

The Department of Health has created a topic page for ticks. The page explains the different types of ticks, symptomatology of the various diseases, and steps that residents can take to safeguard themselves while still enjoying the outdoors.

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