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New York Is One of the Most Dangerous States for Online Dating in 2019: Study’s end of year tech research reveals that New York is the eighth most dangerous state for online dating.

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  • A new data crunch has found New York is now one of the most dangerous states for online dating
  • conducted a range of data reports around the 50 states
  • It found New York was the 8th most dangerous for online dating

A new data crunch has found New York is now one of the most dangerous states for online dating.

With 2019 coming to an end, conducted a range of data reports around the 50 states. In researching the “Safest and Most Dangerous States for Online Dating in 2019”, data found that New York jumped from being the 20th most dangerous state for online dating up to the eighth. 

Citing New York’s statistics on internet crime and data on sexually transmitted diseases, New York found itself in the top ten, being surrounded by large states like California and Southwestern states like New Mexico and Arizona. Using a mix of US Census Bureau reports, FBI crime reports and data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, found other astonishing trends among states like New York.

In addition to the dangers of online dating, data showed that New Yorkers were not immune to catfishing, or the act of using a stolen identity to deceive. With finding that catfishing as a whole has increased as much as 52% over three years, New York’s ranking of number four when looking at the number of whole catfishing victims in the state follows the upward trend.

Accompanied by other large states such as Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, and California, New York’s high ranking could be attributed to population. As less densely populated states such as Montana, Vermont and North Dakota came in with the least catfishing victims,’s data found a trend between population and catfishing probability.

As these alarming New York findings have been released, also prescribed some solutions to keep you from being swindled.

“We want New Yorkers to be informed and educated, but not fearful,” says Victoria Merinda, Staff Researcher from “Make sure you are being safe online by only talking to people you know, meeting in public places and let your friends know who you're meeting. If someone asks for money or personal information, do not send that to them. Be cautiously optimistic when dating online, but remember that these days, singles are most likely to meet a future partner online.”

Along with the data and suggestions, conducted a more lighthearted poll revealing the most Googled tech myths by state. Googled myths ranged from wondering if putting a phone in a microwave would charge it, to googling whether or not a baby monitor could get hacked. The most searched question for New Yorkers? Figuring out if Mac computers could get a virus.

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