Board Votes to Approve Increase on NYC Rent-Stabilized Apartments

The more than 1 million New Yorkers who live in rent-stabilized apartments will likely see their rents go up again next year. 

The New York City Rent Guidelines Board held a preliminary vote Tuesday night on proposed increases for rent-stabilized apartments. It has approved an increase of between 3.25 percent and 6.25 percent for one-year leases, and 5 percent and 9.5 percent for two-year leases.

That means someone renting a rent-stabilized apartment on a one-year lease for $2,000 a month will likely see an increase of between $65 and $125 a month, while someone on a two-year lease for the same rent will see an increase of between $100 and $190. 

The board will hold several meetings before a final vote on June 20. 

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