I-Team: NYC Cracking Down on Hot Dog Vendors Who Don't Post Prices

Many hot dog vendors may soon find themselves in hot water with city officials for failing to post prices on their carts.

"We're cracking down on this. We're stepping up our enforcement efforts," said Julie Menin, commissioner of the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs.

"The story obviously has had an impact because we’re seeing that New Yorkers are complaining more about this issue," said Menin, adding that there’s been a spike in complaints since the I-Team broke the story of the $30 hot dog vendor at the World Trade Center.

Menin said: "What’s changing is that we’re specifically targeting business corridors and areas where tourists are."

In midtown Thursday, it was difficult to find a vendor who had prices posted.

One vendor near the NBC studios was caught charging prices that varied customer to customer. He sold a hot dog to an NBC producer for $3, but then charged tourists $8 moments later.

"If they notice you're not American, they just double the price," said Roland, an Italian tourist visiting New York City for the first time.

A street vendor at the corner of 44th and 5th Avenue became enraged when the I-Team asked him simple questions about the hot dog prices and why they weren't posted.

The Department of Consumer Affairs has 50 inspectors who handle not only complaints against vendors but against all types of businesses. DCA spokeswoman Connie Ress said 68 violations have been issued for failing to post prices since January of 2014.

City officials say New Yorkers should call 311 if they notice carts without prices.

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