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New Jersey is Home to the Second-Best 24-Hour Diner in the Nation

The Daily Meal suggests getting the disco fries at this "quintessential New Jersey hangout"

The Tick Tock Diner in Clifton has been named America’s second-best 24-hour diner.

The Daily Meal has released its list of America’s 10 Best 24-Hour Diners for 2018 and the popular Clifton eatery almost claimed the top spot.

The diner's location on Route 3 is a short distance to New York City and is “really, really good,” according to the site.

The Garden State boasts a ton of great diners, but Tick Tock has become a North Jersey staple with its nearly endless menu.

The Daily Meal described Tick Tock as "a quintessential New Jersey hangout."

The diner upholds its “Eat Heavy” slogan by serving up diner classics like burgers and fully-loaded nachos. 

But if you have to get only one thing from the diner, The Daily Meal says it should be the disco fries.

Red Arrow Diner in New Hampshire came in at No. 1.

Did your favorite diner make The Daily Meal’s list?

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