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Heads Up! NJ Town May Ban Walking While Texting

A New Jersey town is considering cracking down on people who text and walk.

Leaders in Maplewood are thinking about ticketing pedestrians who step into the street while looking down at their phones.

Plans for the ban are in the beginning stages after Committeewoman Nancy Adams proposed the idea at a committee meeting this month, according to

"There are already laws on the books for driving while being distracted by a mobile device, and it's becoming more and more apparent with younger people like Generation Z […] that they need to look up and make sure that they can cross safely,” Adams told

Adams said fines would be minimal and police would use discretion before issuing a ticket for the violation.

Maplewood would be the only municipality in the state to have such a ban if it passed it, reported.

It’s not the first ban to turn heads in Maplewood. Last year the city passed a ban on leaf blowers.

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