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A New Jersey Bagel Shop is Serving Up a Fireball Whiskey Bagel. Seriously.

A New Jersey bagel shop has introduced a breakfast item you never knew you wanted.

The Fireball bagel is the latest in a series of viral creations served up by The Bagel Nook in Freehold.

(You know, just in case you ever wake up in the morning thinking you didn’t have quite enough of the cinnamon whiskey drink the night before…)

Fireball is poured directly into the dough before baking the bagel. So no, it will not give you a buzz, but you do need to be over 21 years old to order it.

The bagel is then dipped in a Fireball glaze and sprinkled with powdered sugar. It comes served with apple pie cream cheese.

With cream cheese, the bagel will run you about $5.

This isn’t the first wild recipe from the now-internet famous shop. There’s a good chance you’ve seen one of their Instagram-worthy sandwiches, such as the Oreo Overload, on your feed.

Can’t make it to New Jersey to get your hands on one? The Bagel Nook ships nationwide, according to the eatery's website.

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