Y'er Out! Lenny Dykstra Hit With Divorce

Cash-strapped ex-Met and former Phillie Lenny Dykstra has struck out in love.

His wife Terri, 49, has filed for divorce from the outspoken former centerfielder known as "Nails" -- hammering him with a divorce papers filed in California court last Thursday that cite "irreconcilable difference."

Dykstra's wife of 23 years also wants joint custody of their teenage son, Luke, according to court papers.

The tobacco-chomping car wash king pin has already moved out of the family's $18 million mansion and into the Westlake Village Four Seasons Hotel -- but some say the pair have been living a lie for several years, the New York Post reported.

"Divorce? I'm not surprised," a former  family employee told the Post. "Finance was a part of it. They've had a sham marriage for several years, and he told me that they hadn't slept in the same bed for three to four years."

Nails made headlines most recently in December when it was revealed he had a laundry list of unpaid bills linked to his year-old Players Club magazine. The magazine has gone through four printers, three editors and lost other vendors because of shoddy operations, the Post reported.

The news came a month after Dykstra cut a deal with a firm that claimed he bilked them out of $100,000. At the time he brushed off  claims that he was facing money woes.

"See that purple label, bro?" he said outside a Manhattan courthouse as he gestured to the lining of his gray pinstripe suit. "That's seven large."

The wife of the World Series champ didn't say what assets she wanted to divide up but the couple own a Thousand Oaks estate, which is facing foreclosure. They also have a Rolls-Royce Phantom and a Gulfstream II jet, which has been seized for nonpayment, the Post reported. 

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