Lady Gaga Brings Love Game to “Gossip Girl”

"My little sister is the hugest 'Gossip Girl' fan ever," Gaga said

"Gossip Girl" is going gaga for another queen bee.

Lady Gaga will bring all her kitsch and charm to the set of the CW show when she makes a cameo to serenade none-other than Manhattan socialite Blair Waldorf and her guests at a private party, according to

Gaga reportedly filmed a performance of her new single "Bad Romance" for the show. 

The quirky songstress confessed that at least one member of her family is a huge fan of the wildly popular series. 

"My little sister is the hugest 'Gossip Girl' fan ever," Gaga told

Blair Waldorf, played by Leighton Meester, is a student at NYU, the same school Lady Gaga eventually dropped out of. 

"I loved NYU, but I thought I could teach myself art better than the school could. I really felt New York was my teacher, and that I needed to bite the bullet and go it alone," she told Elle magazine.

"I wasn't interested in going to frat parties. ... I was really interested in the music scene and waitressing and cleaning toilets, or whatever the f--- it was I was doing." 

The episode will air on Nov. 16.

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