Naked Cowboy, North Dakota Senator Share Elevator at Trump Tower

What happens when a North Dakota senator and The Naked Cowboy walk into an elevator at Trump Tower? 

That's the joke for which observers were trying to find a punch line Friday afternoon after the iconic Times Square busker was spotted with Sen. Heidi Heitkamp at President-elect Donald Trump's eponymous tower.

It's not clear if the pair were heading to the same floor together or if it was a mere coincidence. But Heitkamp made light of the odd elevator pairing after C-Span tweeted video of them.

".@cspan Cowboys are my people -- even if they aren't from ND," she tweeted.

Heitkamp, a Democrat and the first woman elected to Senate out of North Dakota, met with Trump Friday afternoon. It's not clear why they met, but Heitkamp said ahead of the meeting that she hoped "to work with the president-elect and all of my colleagues in Congress on both sides of the aisle to best support my state."

The Naked Cowboy, meanwhile, has become a mainstay at Trump Tower since the election and was even seen with another buckaroo in the buff with Trump's campaign manager, Kellyane Conway, earlier this week. 

A video posted to Twitter by NowThisNews showed Conway whispering in the pair's ears before The Naked Cowboy began singing "Romney could've gotten in on this, but he had to be a little pissy pissy piss piss." Conway could be seen smiling and laughing as the pair sang the song.

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