Mysterious Metal Pipe Shatters Queens Couple's 9th Story Window

The apartment owner says she believes a construction crew working on the ground might have had something to do with it

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A Queens couple's apartment window was shattered by a one-foot long metal pipe as the pair were working from home --- but they live on the 9th floor and it's a scary mystery as to how the projectile got there.

"If this was coming at you like a bullet, it would take your head off," said Jessica Green, holding a heavy, curved piece of metal on both of her hands. The metal broke through her Long Island City apartment's double-paned glass window on Friday afternoon, Green said.

"I just heard an explosion. I turned around and there's this huge pipe in the middle of my living room. Glass everywhere and covering the area my husband had just been sitting," she recalled.

After the initial shock, the couple tried to figure out where the pipe came from. They first thought someone had thrown it at their window but they ruled that out because they were nine floors up and there's no building across from them.

The apartment owner says she believes a construction crew working on the ground might have had something to do with it. The crew across the street appeared to have been compacting metal in a truck.

"I don't know. Something wasn't placed properly or there was some sort of leverage problem. I really don't know, but somehow, there was enough force to snap this piece off and flung it up here," Green said.

When the couple went down to speak with the construction crew, Green said they told her that they were unaware anything was wrong. The couple then called the city to come take a look.

According to the NYC Department of Building's report, inspectors "did not find any evidence of unsafe construction in the surrounding area. And they were not able to identify the source of falling metal."

At this point, Green is still left without any answers and a shattered sense of safety in their own home.

"It's very scary and very violating, and we're scared right now. I want someone to know this happened in case, god forbid, it happens again. It needs to be known it wasn't the first time," Green said.

The couple says they can't file a police report because nothing criminal happened. They can't file a legal case either because neither of them were injured.

Meanwhile, NBC New York reached out to the construction company for answers, but we've not heard back in time for the publication of this report.

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