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Switch Malfunction Just Start of Problems for MTA on Monday's Evening Commute

For the second straight weekday, MTA riders' evening commute were delayed thanks to a tech problem with the transit authority.

Due to a switch malfunction caused by heat, multiple subway lines were either suspended or faced long delays. Commuters going between Manhattan and Brooklyn were hit the worst, with some lines completely stopping all service between the boroughs.

The MTA told commuters to expect mass transit disruptions on the 2, 3, 4 and 5 lines just after 5:30 p.m. Monday. Additionally, the 2 train service was suspended between Franklin Ave and Flatbush Ave - Brooklyn College, Brooklyn. Service on the 5 train was suspended entirely in Brooklyn for a period of time.

"We apologize for these service disruptions tonight, but please know that we're working as hard as we can to keep service moving and get you home as quickly as possible," the MTA said via its NYCT Subway account Monday evening.

While riders on those lines waited for that to be fixed, the 7 line faced delays after a train had a mechanical problem and the F train was halted in both directions in southern Brooklyn toward Coney Island. The F train switch problem that led to the service suspension was resolved under an hour later, and the 7 train problem was quickly addressed as well.

As for the problems impacting the 2, 3, 4 and 5 lines, the MTA said that regular service had been restored on all the lines by 10 p.m. after they made temporary repairs to the malfunctioning switch.

Customers however were not happy that their rides home were delayed for so long. Many of those were forced out from the subways to wait for buses —  and got soaked as a result while two different rounds of storms swept through the city the evening commute. 

But those who thought the subway troubles were over had another thing coming, as southbound E, F, M and R trains all faced extensive delays due to signal problems near 65th Street starting just before 10 p.m.. Not long after, none of those train lines were running at all in Queens due to an AC power failure that affected signals.

As those lines were down, LIRR cross-honored MetroCard holders at no additional charge at Jamaica, Kew Gardens, Forest Hills and Penn Station.

The trains finally started running again after 11 p.m., but the MTA warned the lines still were dealing with extensive delays going into the overnight hours.

The delays on the subways come after Friday's debacle that shut down nearly a third of the city's lines while all the lines were suspended for more than an hour, and forced riders to wait on blazing hot platforms inside stations.

On other commuting fronts, LIRR and Metro North both faced delays due to the powerful storms that hit the entire tri-state area. Riders there faced delays of up to an hour after limbs fell on the tracks.

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