The Morning Note

Hello Kitty!

A 45-pound bobcat that had been roaming the Staten Island neighborhood of Grasmere was caught Wednesday.

Peter Martens told the Daily News he set the trap after seeing it in his neighborhood. The cat is now in the hands of New York City Animal Care and Control officers on Long Island.

No word on whether it was looking for Staten Island Chuck.

Another Hudson Plane Game Lands Online

If you've mastered the first "Hero on the Hudson" game, you might want to try the second Internet game based on the now-famous landing of US Airways flight 1549. The objective is simple: avoid the flying geese. Move your plane from left to right, but hit a bird and your goose is cooked. 

The Dog Show is Coming to Town

Tails will be wagging next week at Madison Square Garden for the 133rd annual Westminster Dog show. A panel of 38 judges will be looking at 170 breeds of dogs. California has the most entries, with New York in the No. 2 spot.

Madoff Victims' List Released

Talk about six degrees of Kevin Bacon. The actor is just one of 13,567 clients who lost money in the Madoff scandal. The 162-page document was made public late Wednesday and posted online by newspapers across the city including, the New York Post. 

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