More Disrespect for Anthony Weiner's Former District

As if suffering through the cringe-worthy Twitter scandal was not enough, the Brooklyn and Queens residents who comprise the Ninth Congressional District are faced with another indignity.

A plaque displaying the name of former Rep. Anthony Weiner outside of what used to be his Washington office has been replaced with a generic plaque that says "Office of the Nineth Congressional District of New York,"   MSNBC's Luke Russert reports.

Yes, they misspelled ninth on the new sign.  Surely the plaque will come down before the seat is filled.

Earlier this week, sources told NBC New York's Andrew Siff that Gov. Cuomo was likely to call a special election for Sept. 13 to fill the congressional seat.

Weiner, a 46-year-old newlywed, admitted to sexting several strange women after he accidentally tweeted a photo of his groin and then tried to claim he had been hacked. He confessed during a teary news conference and resigned 10 days later.

The names of several potential candidates have surfaced, including Democratic state Assemblyman Rory Lancman, Republican City Councilman Eric Ulrich, Democratic Councilman Mark Weprin, former Democratic Councilman Eric Gioia, former Democratic Councilwoman Melinda Katz and Democratic Assemblyman David Weprin.

The person elected to the seat would only be there to serve out the remainder of Weiner’s term, which expires in 2012. And after that, New York could lose the district entirely because of population shifts.

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