Mickey Rourke's Dog Pendant Made By Queens Woman

Betina Wassermann's all-caps message on her Etsy store reads like a transmission to space.

"FROM NEW YORK CITY TO THE WORLD," it reads, "IF YOU ARE INQUIRING ABOUT A CUSTOM MADE PENDANT LIKE THE ONE I MADE FOR MICKEY ROURKE..," blah, blah, blah, long story short you're not getting one.

When the 44-year old Queens designer sent a pendant picturing Mickey Rourke's recently deceased dog Loki, she had little expectations that the Oscar contender would even get it. Well, not only did he call to offer his sincere gratitude, but "The Wrestler" star wore his pendant loud and proud to the most-watched Hollywood event of the year.

The dog it memorialized, Loki, died in the days before the Oscars, and Wasserman, a fellow dog lover, recently went through a similar loss. Her pendant is for Igor, a Chinese Crested dog, and unless she has a change of heart, it won't be reproduced for the rest of the world. Instead, her Etsy store features a variety of other pendants - from Barack Obama to the Rolling Stones tongue - which generally sell for $20 a pop. And besides, she's got a day job!

This was a one-time thing, she said, "meant to be a token of love from one dog lover to another."

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