Meet the NYPD Cop Who Saved a Man's Life With a Bag of Chips

Bodycam footage shows an officer aid a stabbing victim in Harlem using an empty chip bag

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A cop in New York City is being credited with saving a stabbing victim's life by using an empty potato chip bag and tape.

Officer Ronald Kennedy responded to a reported stabbing in the 28th precinct on Lenox Avenue back on July 7. Bodycam video shows Kennedy rush to a man's aid with significant blood on his chest.

"Go get me a bag of potato chips right now," the officer is heard shouting in the video. "Go in there and get me tape," he commands to someone nearby.

Kennedy lies the victim flat on the ground with the help of others and uses the empty chip bag and tape to stop the bleeding. EMS responded moments later and transported the victim to the hospital.

In an interview with NBC New York, Officer Kennedy said he learned the potato chips bag trick during his time as an EMT. The bag was the perfect size to cover the stab wound.

"The material of the bag of chips doesn't allow air to pass through. So by putting that over, it stops the air from coming through and you tape it on three sides only. The open side allows the air that's in there to come out," Kennedy explained.

He was with two other officers, David Galindez and Matthew Grieve, who said they trusted Kennedy's quick judgment because they knew about his experience.

"I knew what he was doing was going to help save this guy's life. That's what he did," Galindez said. The good samaritan who got the chips was also impressed.

That night, the officers arrested the alleged stabber too.

Days passed before Kennedy said it sank in that he saved somebody's life. "It made me feel really happy. It really did," he said.

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