Latest Hotel Chelsea Manager Checks Out

That didn't take long

For everyone that bet the "under" in the big game, congrats! No, we're not talking about the Super Bowl, we're talking about the real fiercest showdown in all the land: Hotel Chelsea management vs. Hotel Chelsea tenants. The first replacement for 50-year Chelsea manager Stanley Bard (who was ousted in '07) lasted only eight months on the job. Our money was on an even shorter stay for the next poor fellow who decided to take on the task, and indeed, the Hotel Chelsea blog reports that new guy Andrew Tilley resigned last week after just seven months in charge of West 23rd Street's boho landmark. As seen in the above, Chelsea tenants—still smarting over the Bob Dylan thing and other complaints (here's a rundown of Tilley's "sins")—are not too broken up about the whole thing. The over/under for the next manager/masochist is set at 7.5 months. Place your bets! 

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