Map Out Your Subway Exit Strategy Via Cell Phone

If New Yorkers ever had a spare need to fill-this was certainly it!

There’s nothing like door-to-door service. But what about, door-to-nearest-exit service on the subway? Now that’s luxury that NYC commuter Jonathan Wegener appreciates.

“I really love that feeling of popping up right in front of the exit,” he told a City Room reporter. Which is precisely why he and his sister decided to map out the perfect spot to stand on the subway in more than 200 of the city’s stations, and make it a mobile application.

After 10 weeks of riding the subway around Manhattan and essential spots in surrounding boroughs, Wegener and his sister Ashley have made the commuting experience a little more convenient. They even took their own food tour around town while doing so, enjoying lunch in a different neighborhood every day.

Three clicks on your phone may save you three minutes on your walk to work. All you need is the subway line, direction, and station to find out which car doors match up with which stairwells. The maps also take into account the best exits for transferring to other lines and whether the rider wishes to go uptown or downtown.

Getting out at the wrong exit and finding you are an avenue away is no longer a problem for BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and Amazon Kindle users.

The only downfall -- no service in subways, so make sure you enter your information beforehand.

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