Startling Video Shows Man Hopping Onto Moving NYPD Cruisers in Harlem

Startling video of a man jumping atop moving NYPD cruisers in Harlem has racked up more than a million views since it was first posted to Facebook Friday.

The Daily News reports the 42-year-old man was hallucinating and incoherent as he leaped onto a police cruiser driving slowly through Adam Clayton Boulevard and West 119th Street Friday afternoon.

Video posted onto Facebook after the incident shows the man, wearing a white T-shirt and black basketball shorts, jogging toward an NYPD patrol car as it approached an intersection, then hopping onto the trunk and standing atop the roof near the sirens. [Warning: Video at link above contains graphic language.]

"Fellas, you see what's going on over there?" the stunned man taking the video is heard shouting from inside a building with windowfront views onto the scene. Others nearby could be heard yelping in surprise as they watch the bizarre scene unfold. 

"Only in Harlem," the videographer says.

The car surfer hops off the car and begins pacing through the street, video shows. The patrol car pulls over with its lights on as another NYPD cruiser pulls in, also with its lights on. The officers don't get out of their cars, however. 

The car hopper ignores the police vehicles, which by then were sounding sirens, and leaps onto a black car pulled up at the intersection, video shows. Incredibly, when a second NYPD cruiser pulls up, the man dismounts the black car and simply leaps onto that police vehicle. 

Finally, police officers approach and surround the man on top of the cruiser. The man pivots and paces on top of the cruiser, rocking the car back and forth, as officers watch.

It's not clear how the man ultimately gets down from the cruiser, but video shows a group of the officers tackling the man to the ground.

"It's crazy out here," the man taking the video says.  

The Daily News reports the man was taken into custody by Emergency Services Unit officers and admitted to Harlem Hospital for a psychiatric observation. He was not charged. 

Police told the News that the man dented the roof of the one of the patrol cars and cracked its windshield. The dark-colored car wasn't damaged. 

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