Michelle Kim

Long Island Man Gives Up Pet Wolf After It Becomes Too Aggressive

A pet wolf has been turned over to state wildlife authorities on Long Island after it became aggressive with its owner, officials say. 

A Ronkonkoma man bought the wolf named Nakita from an out-of-state breeder years ago, according to officials. Then the wild animal turned, well, wild.

Her owner turned her over last week, and the 6-and-a-half-year-old wolf is now being kept at the Holtsville Ecology Center. 

"These animals are by nature wild animals," said Lt. Tom Gadomski of the state Department of Environment Conservation. "They might be friendly for a while, but at some point in time they are going to turn on you." 

Nakita is actually 75 percent wolf and 25 percent dog, according to the Holtsville Ecology Center. 

It's not the first time Suffolk County officials have come across a case like this. Just last year, the Suffolk SPCA found a wild monkey and several alligators, all on Long Island. The SPCA says these animals will bite, scratch, kill or spread disease.

Anyone who has a wild animal is encouraged to turn it in, no questions asked.

"If you do dump or abandon an animal, in Suffolk County, you will face criminal charges and you could go to jail," said SPCA Chief Roy Gross. 

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