Man Caught With Loaded Gun in Carry-on at Newark Airport: TSA

A New Jersey man was arrested after Transportation Security Administration officers say they found a loaded gun in his carry-on bag at Newark Liberty International Airport, officials say.

Screeners detected the .25-caliber handgun, which was loaded with six bullets, as the knapsack passed through the X-ray machine on Saturday. It was in a zippered case.

Port Authority police confiscated the gun and arrested the Lanoka Harbor resident, who had been ticketed to fly to Hong Kong, on a state weapons charge.

The TSA did not release his name. There was no impact to airport operations.

In a separate incident, Port Authority police arrested another person found with hollow point bullets over the weekend, this time near the Holland Tunnel. Police say the 31-year-old woman and a male driver were pulled over Sunday morning on 12th Street near the tunnel after authorities noticed their vehicle had a distorted license plate. Police noticed a strong smell of marijuana in the car, the Port Authority said, and when the female passenger admitted smoking pot earlier, authorities searched her.

They found a semi-automatic handgun in her position that held four bullets, two of which were hollow point rounds, according to the Port Authority. The passenger was asked if she had a pistol permit and she said she did not but that she was taking the weapon to "Harlem because I don't feel safe," authorities said. The female passenger was arrested on charges of unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of a prohibited weapon and device.

The driver was issued a summons for the license plate violation.

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