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Neighbor Angry Over Dog Peeing on Lawn Sprays Burning Substance Into Owner's Face

What to Know

  • A 38-year-old Long Island man is facing an assault charge for allegedly spraying a burning substance into his neighbor's face
  • The man was apparently angry that his neighbor's dog was using his lawn to relieve itself
  • The 75-year-old victim was treated by a medic on the scene and is OK

A Long Island man angry that his lawn was being used by a neighbor's dog to relieve itself went to the neighbor's home and sprayed a burning substance into his face, police and the victim say. 

David Likhtiger, 38, was arrested on an assault charge in the spray attack in the Nassau County village of East Meadow. A judge set bail at $10,000 until his next court date in a few days.  

Neighbor Alan Wharton, 75, says he and Likhtiger began feuding last summer when Wharton's yellow Labrador, Bailey, urinated on Likhtiger's lawn. Likhtiger was angry about it, but Wharton says Bailey can't help relieving himself where he likes. 

"Bailey, like most dogs, pees on the grass," Wharton told News 4. 

Wharton says he told Likhtiger that if there are any issues with the grass, he would pay for landscaping. But Likhtiger wouldn't have it, and the men's argument escalated. Ultimately, police responded and issued both men a warning.

Then on Tuesday night, Likhtiger banged on Wharton's front door.

"Next thing I know, he's pointing something at my face and it burned like crazy," he said. Police believe the substance was Mace or pepper spray.

Wharton was treated by a medic on the scene.  

"Unfortunately this is the world we are living in today," said Wharton. "People think they have a right to take the law into their own hands and do stuff like this." 

A woman who answered the door at Likhtiger's home says they had nothing to say. But neighbors say he went too far.

"This could happen to me tomorrow," said Jose Philopse. "It's scary."

"He may come with a gun next time, he may come with a knife," said Wharton. "It may not be me, it may be somebody else. It's got to be stopped." 

Bailey, who's about to turn 8 years old, wasn't hurt. 

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