L.I. Doggy Graveyard Worse Than Thought

A chilling backyard "pet cemetery" in Selden held even more corpses than authorities first thought, authorities said Wednesday.

The bodies of 22 more animal corpses were exhumed from the yard of Sharon McDonough, investigators said.

McDonough is currently free on bail after pleading not guilty to charges she abused and neglected pets.

Last month, the remains of 20 dogs were removed from her Awixa Place yard after one of her children claimed McDonough forced the kids to torture pets.

Necropsies or animal autopsies were done on the dogs but as yet officials have not detailed the cause of their deaths.

"It appears unlikely any of those dead animals were stolen," said SPCA chief Roy Gross. "It appears McDonough either purchased or adopted the first batch of animals found buried in her yard."

Five dogs and a cat were taken alive from the home but they were covered with filth and feces.

Officials from the Suffolk SPCA executed a new search warrant at McDonough's home after investigators learned that more animals had been buried there.

McDonough is due back in Suffolk county district court on Monday.

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