Officials Investigate Video of Kids Acting Wild at Queens Middle School

The Department of Education is investigating after NBC 4 New York obtained a video showing kids fighting and horsing around in the middle of the day, apparently on school grounds.

The video shows a room full of students, some throwing punches and others wrestling.

A concerned mom who did not want her identity disclosed told NBC 4 New York her child, a student at M.S. 226 in Ozone Park, was in the trailer last week and showed her the video.

"It just seemed like a cage and kids going wild," the mom said.

She says her child was sent to the trailer as punishment one day last week because the child was not wearing the required school shirt. The child says all the kids in the trailer were there for detention, and that the trailer is regularly used for that purpose.

NBC 4 New York could not independently confirm where and when the video was shot, but the mother and child say it was the day the child was in the trailer.

The DOE said the video "displays incredibly inappropriate behavior" and added that officials are investigating. 

"Any wrongdoing by the school staff will be addressed, and appropriate discipline will occur," the DOE said.

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