With SantaPhone, Elves Call Your Kid From the North Pole to Talk Christmas Wish Lists

Not only is Santa still taking wish lists, he is also taking calls.

The SantaPhone Project from tech company Twilio allows parents to set up an automated phone call so their kids can chat with one of Santa Claus’ elfin helpers in the North Pole.

Submit your full name, email address, phone number, country code and time zone to SantaPhone. Best of all, you can input the exact date and time to receive a special call from one of Santa’s little helpers when your little one is around.

The automated phone call will ask your kid, “What do you want for Christmas?” followed by, “What do you want to tell Santa?” with a big “Merry Christmas!” from Mr. Claus himself. Then, a downloadable recording of the phone call will be automatically emailed to you.

You can forward it to family or keep the recording for sweet memories. SantaPhone is also a great way to simply find out what your tiny ones want for Christmas while keeping the magic of Christmas alive.

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