Girlfriend of Former Marine Mystified By His Death in Mexico

She believes Mexican police lied to her.

A grieving Long Island woman is looking for answers after the strange death of her boyfriend while the two were on vacation in Cancun.

Former Marine and current Army reservist, Sgt. Joseph Bitet, 30, died last weekend after falling five stories at his hotel.

Bitet was scheduled for a tour of duty in Kuwait starting in May, according to Bitet’s girlfriend of two years, Allyson Jo Parla.

Parla, of New Hyde Park, told NBC New York that the story she received from Mexican police did not add up. According to her, Mexican police said Bitet was alone, had been drinking, and fell out of a fifth-floor window to his death.

Parla believes the Mexican police lied to her.

She said she watched the hotel surveillance video and it showed Bitet getting on and off the elevator with a man she did not know.

“He was with someone up until he died,” said Parla. “The guy never came forward.”

Parla said the video was shown to her by hotel employees, but she was not allowed to keep a copy.

It all happened after 3 a.m.

Parla told NBC New York that she had gone back to the couple's hotel room for the night, but was texting and talking on the phone from time to time with Bitet.

At one point, according to her, Bitet explained that he had met “an English guy” at the bar.

Then she said, at 3:04 a.m. he sent a message saying he was on his way up.

Soon after, Parla said, she received a phone call from hotel workers asking her to come to the lobby because Bitet had been hurt.

As a Marine, Bitet had served two tours in Iraq. He was a Smithtown native, and according to Parla, he loved being part of the military.

Bitet’s family and Parla have been in contact with the offices of Sen. Charles Schumer and Rep. Peter King.

King’s office confirmed to NBC New York that it has been in touch with the consulate in Mexico and that an investigation is ongoing.


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