Is Paterson NY's Worst-Ever Governor?

Approval rating dips to lowest ever

Another Quinnipiac poll, another hit for Gov. David Paterson.

The newest results out Monday reflect the worst-ever approval rating for a New York governor.

Voters around the state disapprove of Paterson's performance by a margin of 60-28 percent. Sixty-three percent of those voters say he doesn't deserve to be elected to a full, four-year term.

Paterson took over last year when Eliot Spitzer resigned following his prostitution scandal.

Another telling stat shows 53 percent of voters think Paterson should announce now that he will not run for election.

"If there's any good news for Paterson in this poll, I have not been able to find it," Quinnipiac Polling Director Mickey Carroll said. "This was a bad, bad poll for him."

Carroll added that the Caroline Kennedy fiasco continues to have a lingering impact on Paterson's approval rating, but the more-recent state financial crisis doesn't help him either.

"The budget has exacerbated things," Carroll said. "The reaction to the budget has been universally negative. Thumbs down."

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