In No “Rush” To Leave

Do you remember back in March when Rush Limbaugh "threatened" to leave New York to protest a proposed state-wide tax hike on those who earn more than $500,000? Rush said he was selling his Manhattan condo and moving his radio operation to Florida full-time where all he'd have to deal with are hurricanes and gators, or maybe he'd go to Texas, but no NYC, you'd no longer be graced with his presence.

Well, it's now July and you know what, NY? Rush is still here, embedded in his Upper East Side penthouse like an Alabama tick in a Basset hound. And when DailyFinance's Jeff Bercovici called Rush on his bluff, Rush didn't manage to bring any of the bluster he had in March. When Bercovici reached out to Limbaugh's far-right-hand man, Kit Carson, Carson responded with an abrupt, ""All I can tell you is, I put the question into him, and I got nothing back."

It must be this lousy rental market, right? Who's in the market for super-sized penthouses fit for a plus-sized kingpin? Rush is trying to unload it before the move. Wrong. The condo at 1049 Fifth Ave doesn't seem to be on the market. Remember, Rush's ego isn't the only thing that has deflated here, and he'd probably lose way more money selling the condo than he would  paying the extra tax.

C'mon, you knew he wasn't really going anywhere.

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