I Voted Stickers Hard to Find in NYC

NYC tranplants miss out on "I Voted" stickers

NYC transplants around town were up in arms Wednesday at the realization that they didn't get an "I Voted" sticker for filing their vote in Tuesday's election. It's true, but according to Gothamist, they shouldn't be so upset, because NYC has never given out these sticky stamps of Democracy.  Gothamist writes, "We called up the Board of Elections to check in on this very important situation, and they told us they don't think New York City has ever handed out the little badges of civic duty."

So what's making everyone think these stickers do or don't exist? NYU Local's heard all sorts of theories, from "so many people voted before 10 am today that they ran out of stickers", to "their disappearance is somehow related to the Republicans". Right, cause Dick Cheney hates stickers! If my 3rd grade self had run into Vice President Cheney back when my sticker collection was in full swing, would I have had to run? Would my heat stickers and scratch-n-sniffs be in trouble? Dear Democracy, I hope not!

While New Yorkers were left without the stick, voters around the country did in fact get their stickers. In DC, sticker designs vary by the precinct. In Texas, stickers were given out, but only during early voting. And, in Pennsylvania, my mom reports that she got her sticker, and is wearing it proudly. Well Mom, Texas, and DC, I'm insanely jealous.  You can view more links over at BuzzFeed, or just watch the blog posts roll in from around the globe on Google

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