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How to Pick NYC's New ‘I Voted' Sticker Design

Which of these "I Voted" stickers would you happily wear after stepping out from the voting booth? 

NYC Votes is asking the public to weigh in on their favorite design out of the 10 selected finalists in a design competition it held earlier this month. 

Voting begins Friday and ends at 9 p.m. Tuesday, May 9 -- the two-week voting window reflects the timeframe for voters in many states with early voting laws -- and then votes will be counted using an instant runoff voting model. 

The winning sticker will be printed by the NYC Campaign Finance Board and distributed on Election Day in partnership with the NYC Board of Elections. 

It will debut Tuesday, Sept. 12, on the day of the citywide primary election, at poll sites across the city. 

NYC Votes says the finalists were chosen from more than 700 designs, and were chosen based on overall aesthetic quality, the strength and effectiveness of the design's pro-voting message, how well the design reflects New York City, and the uniqueness or standout factor of the design. 

To vote on a sticker, click here. To learn more about each of the sticker's designers, click here

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