New Jersey

New Jersey Woman Awakens to 2 Home Intruders Standing Over Her Bed: Police

Authorities are looking for two home invaders who broke into an 80-year-old widow's New Jersey house while she slept and stole jewelry and the victim's car. 

Police say the intruders smashed a window at the back of the woman's home in Middlesex shortly before 3:45 a.m. Tuesday. She awoke to see the two men standing over her, according to police.

The woman wasn't harmed and no weapons were displayed. Authorities say the suspects ransacked two upstairs bedrooms, grabbed jewelry and fled -- one in a vehicle waiting outside and one in the victim's silver Acura TL.

Neighbor Eleanor Rossi said, "That's the first time anything like that happened here and it really shocked all of us."

"Everyone on the street is worried," added neighbor Carol Kirk. 

Anyone with information about the home invasion is asked to call Middlesex Police Department’s tip line – (732) 356-1900, ext. 847 (T-I-P).

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