New Jersey Teen Accused of Changing Grades, Attendance Records in School Computers

Prosecutors said as many as 24 students at Orange High School had their records changed

A 16-year-old high school sophomore in New Jersey is accused of breaking into his school's computer system to change grades and attendance records for as many as 24 students.

Prosecutors in Essex County say officials from Orange High School alerted police that someone without authorization had gained access to the school's computers. Cyber crimes investigators were then notified.

Authorities say the teen used a faculty member's password to get into the system and changed the grades and attendance records. 

"This is not a case of sophisticated computer hacking by any means -- this is really the oldest trick in the book," prosecutor Robert Laurino told NBC 4 New York. 

One 18-year-old student told NBC 4 New York that the teen charged kids for the work. Laurino confirmed prosecutors are looking into that.

"I think they probably didn't think that they would get caught," said Scott Thelusma, 18.

The district disciplined several other students who were allegedly involved, prosecutors say.

The teen is charged with several counts of second-degree computer theft and has been released. The case will proceed in Family Court and his identity is not being released.

The school's graduation is Thursday.

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