NJ High School Student Accused of Possessing Explosives

Authorities in central New Jersey have charged a teenager with possession of explosive devices.

Police investigating recent bomb threats at Edison High School searched the 16-year-old student's Harmon Road home after a tip was called in to the town's city hall Sunday.

"We can't take anything for granted," said Edison Mayor Antonia Ricigliano. "We can't say it was a childish prank because we just can't make that assumption."

Officers say they found fireworks, shotgun shells and makeshift devices containing gun powder and fuses. Police say they don't think the teen had any plans to use the explosives.

The boy was released to a family member and he was suspended from school. His name was not released because he's a juvenile.

Police do not believe he's connected to the bomb threats and that investigation continues.

Alec Goldhamer, a senior at Edison High School, said he felt his classmate did not have any evil intent.

"From what I hear he didn't intend to do anything,' Goldhamer said. "I've heard he had those materials and that the things were just fireworks and that the shells he had were just from hunting."

Still, senior Lauren Rodriguez said she'd rather be safe than sorry.

"You never know," she said. "You don't know how people are nowadays, so you take that risk."

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